Wood & Canvas: Wooden kayaks may be wood strip, wood and canvas or glued plywood construction. The wood may be coverd with a clear fibreglass and epoxy.

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Functional Description:

Wooden kayaks may be wood strip, wood and canvas or glued plywood construction.


Strip built kayaks are constructed by gluing together strips of wood over a mold that is built in the shape of the hull.  Once the strips are glued together, the inside and outside are sanded, and a fiberglass and epoxy covering is applied inside and out. The fiberglass covering is transparent, allowing the wood strips to be seen.


Wood and canvas kayaks are made by fastening an external waterproofed canvas shell to a wooden hull formed with white cedar planks and ribs.


Glued plywood kayaks are made by cutting planks to shape out of marine grade plywood. The planks are positioned on a jig, and are glued together with epoxy along the length of the kayak.

English Terminology: wood, wooden, canvas, plywood, strip built, strips, fiberglass, fiberglass, epoxy

French Terminology: bois, bois, toile, contreplaqué, construit bande, bandes, en fibre de verre, fibre de verre, époxy

German Terminology: Holz, Holz, Leinwand, Sperrholz, gebaut, Streifen Streifen, Fiberglas, Fiberglas, Epoxid

Spanish Terminology: madera, madera, lienzo, madera, tiras construido, tiras, de fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio epoxi