Luxury Yachts: These luxury sailing yachts will have an inboard motor for emergency or docking purposes. The yacht will have have multiple berth or berths, heads, and a galley for long journeys. Sailing yachts larger than 50' are listed here.

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Functional Description:

Luxury sailing yachts are defined as sailing yachts greater than 50’ (15 m) in length.  Luxury sailing yachts will also have gasoline or diesel inboard engines for sailing under power, emergencies and docking.  Most sailing yachts are multiple masted and can monohull, catamaran or trimaran hull design.

Luxdury sailing yachts will have accommodations for passengers and crew.  Luxury sailing yachts will have berths, heads, and a galley.  These large sailing yachts will have most of the modern conveniences on board such as television, microwave ovens and complete navigational aids (radar, global positioning systems, autopilot).

English Terminology: sailing luxury yachts, yacht, sailboat, sailboats, sail boat, sail boats, sails, sailing, mast, masts, mainsail jib sail, hull, keel, rudder, monohull, catamaran, trimaran

French Terminology: yachts de luxe à voile, yacht, voilier, voiliers, bateau à voile, bateaux à voile, voiles, voile, mât, les mâts, foc grand-voile, coque, la quille, le gouvernail, voilier, catamaran, trimaran

German Terminology: Luxus-Yachten segeln, Yacht, Segelboot, Segelboote, Segelboot, Segelboote, Segel, Segeln, Mast, Masten, Segel Fock, Rumpf, Kiel, Ruder, Segelboot, Katamaran, Trimaran

Spanish Terminology: yates de lujo, yates, veleros, barcos de vela, barco de vela, barcos de vela, velas, vela, mástil, mástiles, velas foque, casco, quilla, timón, veleros, catamaranes, trimarán