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Hamburg International Boat Show
Location:Hamburg, Germany  Map
Start Date:   2020-10-28
End Date:2020-11-05


Hamburg International Boat Show Hanseboot takes place on the seashore, in the delta of Elba. Traditionally the boat show is located at the Hamburg Messe pavilions where the best manufacturers show their production.

The Baltic accent is felt everywhere: in design of pavilions, in the program that is aimed first of all to serious audience, and in the contents. More than 20 countries participate in the exhibition (it is difficult to call Hanseboot a festival or a show as the word «festival» tells more about entertaining). Hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors come here annually.

Organizers of an exhibition which that is more than 50 years old treat event policy seriously. Thoughtful approach to a choice of strategy and direction allows to achieve success every year.