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Quality Starts with Design-Bayliner quality starts with exceptional designs for superior handling, stylish looks and optimum spaciousness. For example, our Bowrider, Deck Boat and Cruiser models feature our proprietary Beam Forward Design promoting unsurpassed interior space in the industry.

To ensure quality performance, Bayliner's exclusive Smooth Ride System (SRS) matches the hull design to its specific application to achieve superior acceleration with fuel-saving lower horsepower engines, a softer ride and a safer handling boat that planes quickly.

But even the best designs can fall short of quality expectations if not flawlessly executed. To achieve perfection, we transmit our Computer Aided Design (CAD) files to a computerized five-axis router that produces molds that are accurate to within 1/25,000th of an inch, which means products are built to consistently high quality standards.

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep- The first thing that goes into the mold is ArmorFlex 954 gelcoat backed by a layer of fiberglass and Hydropel vinylester resin called a skin coat. This combination, exclusive to Bayliner, is called Pre-Cured Finish Guard because it employs several factors to ensure a pristine, durable finish. ArmorFlex 954 gelcoat creates a tough, beautiful, long-lasting finish that resists abrasion, impact, chalking, fading and discoloration so your boat looks new longer. For added protection from the elements, Bayliner uses Hydropel vinylester resin to provide superior resistance to osmosis which reduces the risk of gelcoat blistering and cracking. Hydropel is used in combination with 90 mils of strand fiberglass in lieu of a woven glass to produce an ultra smooth exterior finish versus the plaid print-through other processes produce.