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Princecraft Boats
725 Saint-Henri St
Canada, G6L 5C2
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With a history of innovation in design and assembly, Princecraft leads the industry from stem to stern.  We insist on using only H36 aluminum for uniform strength and durability. H36 is 25% harder than the aluminum used by many other manufacturers.

The level of quality in a Princecraft boat is the standard by which other boats are measured. Compare the design, styling, amenities, ergonomics and comfort.  Whether it’s the hull designs of our fishing boats, deck boats, or the performance-extras designed into our pontoon boats, nothing compares to a Princecraft. Take a test drive and you’ll agree.

Because we engineer to such strict specifications using only the highest quality components our boats are designed to last for decades.  Our attention to detail is legendary. Compare every seam, joint or weld to the competition.  Our boats come to you ready for an exceptional day on the water, and each model is crafted to deliver that experience for years to come.