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Tournament quality wakes, no compromise. That means an Outback buyer should expect a wake table that is buttery smooth for perfect slalom passes, while a Mobius buyer can anticipate big and beefy wakes that will push your aerial passes up to the next level.

Rock solid construction, no compromise. Every Moomba we build uses the best materials from the most trouble-free component part manufacturers in our industry. We cut no corners. All fiberglass... ALL FIBERGLASS... is hand-laid. You won’t find that on boats that sell for thousands more. All hulls and decks are shoe-box fit. All critical components are through-bolted into the strongest plating available on the market today. And not a single bit of wood anywhere on the boat to rot, mold, or decay. That’s why every Moomba we build comes with a limited lifetime hull warranty.

Dependable, worry-free performance. Indmar engines, now every one multi-port fuel injected power the Moomba line. Tried and true control systems. Simple easy to maintain cabin features and appointments. Easy to use speed control on every boat. Nibral tracking fins and props. Solid, functional, reliable component parts.