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Chris Craft
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A Chris-Craft is a blend of the best of classic design, distinctive styling and superb naval engineering focused on producing truly seaworthy boats. Chris-Craft's dedication to craftsmanship and quality totally differentiates its boats from others and represents the company's enduring devotion to its proud past. America's best naval architects, designers, boat builders and furniture makers are committed to continuous new product development and technology and maintaining Chris-Craft as America's only premium boat brand.

No matter how many new technologies we incorporate, boat building is still an art. We believe that this art relies on the dedicated craftsman that design and build our boats. Many components of our designs are still created by hand and every one of our boats is assembled by a team devoted to that specific model. We are fortunate at Chris-Craft to be able to boast that many of our craftsmen have been building our legendary boats for their entire careers. That is why when you own a Chris-Craft you own a piece of that craftsmanship, a quality investment in detail, heritage and inspiration. You can see from our passion for design excellence, and commitment to our team that we celebrate the art of boat building in every boat we build.