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Formula Boats
2200 West Monroe Street
USA, 46733
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Thunderbird Products manufactures the Formula Boats porduct lines. Thunderbird's tradition of excellence continues to be the hallmark of each Formula powerboat. Victor B. Porter had been producing powerboats for almost twenty years when he and other family members acquired Thunderbird in 1976. Over the past twenty-five years the Porter family has concentrated on producing the highest quality product possible, complemented fully by responsive, customer-oriented service.


Thunderbird maintains the highest manufacturing standards for you.   The Thunderbird manufacturing facility was designed specifically for the production of Formula powerboats.  A recent addition of 143,500 square feet accommodates expanded production and development of larger powerboats.  Adapting advancing technology as it becomes available ensures superior quality far into the future.  Plant design and individual working conditions make it easy for employees to do their job right every time.