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Grady-White Boats, Inc.
P.O. Box 1527
North Carolina
USA, 27835
Phone: (252) 752-2111
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The term Grady-Built means there's no other sportfishing boat built like a Grady-White. Period. Grady-White boats are products of a unique combination of North Carolina's saltwater heritage, a culture of long-term private ownership, a dedication to safety, and a keen knowledge of sportfishing gained over years of experience. Your Grady is built to last for years of enjoyment and commands an excellent resale value.

"Good enough" just isn't good enough for a Grady. We build security into our boats we hope our owners never have to put to the test. The importance of self-bailing cockpits is impressed on Grady-White craftsmen by North Carolina capes named "Lookout" and "Fear." SeaV2 hull designs are inspired by solid walls of white water across inlets like Hatteras and Oregon. And the attention to order and detail comes from fishing our boats from Canada to Australia. Grady-Built security gives our boat owners the peace of mind that is a huge factor in the pure enjoyment of time spent on big water.