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We do things a little differently at Ebbtide. In the past, most “quality” boats were “hand-laid”. But it’s a slow process, and it’s difficult to pump out tens of thousands of boats per year that way. Those manufacturers who felt the need for these large numbers went away from “hand-laid” to faster systems such as “chopping”.

While a chopper gun is faster, there is also a great chance that the lay-up will be inconsistent. There is a tendency when “chopping” to put in more chop, which builds bulk and less woven or knitted material, which build strength. And, because more material is put on at one time, there also is a tendency to use more resin and less glass – which creates a more brittle lay-up.

Ebbtide's exclusive unitized grid stringer system with Perma-Panel core combined with our exclusive DURA-CORE™ hull construction are two examples. The results are a stable ride and very little noise through rough water. These are things the discriminating boat buyer demands. We've chosen quality over quantity. Why aren't other boats built this way? Simple. It takes longer and costs more. You can feel the difference. You can hear the difference. You can see the difference. It's the Ebbtide difference... and why our boats ride better, handle better, look better and last longer.