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Anytec Boats
Storgatan 16
Sweden, 89133
Phone: 46 173 - 885 00
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A number of years ago we asked ourselves how we could build the world's best aluminium boats. We wanted to build boats that perform well all year round and in all types of weather for customers with the very highest demands, i.e. boat owners just like ourselves. Now that we have achieved this, our next question is how we can improve and modernize products that are already market leaders. The answer is just the same as it was almost 15 years ago; without compromising on materials, construction and components.

Anytec is a growing company with boat building traditions from Öregrund. With our head offices in Sweden and our own manufacturing facilities in Latvia, we build the world's most superior aluminium boats. Our unique hull is, without comparison the strongest on the market and we have the same quality philosophy on all our models from the smallest to the largest.