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Fibrafort Boats
Bruno Vicente da Luz, 95 - Bairro Espinheiros
Santa Catarina
Brazil, 88317-020
Phone: 55 47 3249-9999
Fax: 55 47 3249-9999
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Established in 1989, Fibrafort started its activities customizing several fiberglass products. It is located in a port city called Itajaí, southern Brazil. It is the biggest shipyard in South America, and it is the leader of customer’s satisfaction on the 16 and 28 foot-long boats. It counts with 26 sale dealers in national market and 28 in international market. In 2009, Fibrafort reached the mark of 9,000 boats produced. Fibrafort has been conquering new markets day after day, proving the world-wide satisfaction by the quality of its products.


The continuous search for modern innovation and new designs make our products reference for outstanding and bold appearance. Searching for this innovation, the company has been restructuring, improving, expanding its plant and stimulating the change in all levels, starting by the management model, which from 2009 turned to be formed by a committee of shareholders and two directories focused on strategic actions in different areas of the organization. This change has two main goals: the continuous improvement in the processes of industrialization and management, and the focus on the research, development of products and technologies.


Style and extreme lines of products are made for different styles of life and personalities. All have been developed thinking of your will and desire to sail.


The exclusive Step-Vee hull design was projected to provide a better performance in navigation and maneuvers. The Stern Solarium is the seat at the stern which turns into a solarium, offering comfort and a better use of the space in the Cockpit (stern solarium is available only in STYLE 200, 215, and 240).

Our passion turns technology into beauty, comfort, performance and innovation.

Welcome to our site, enjoy the details and unique characteristics of Fibrafort boat line. Certainly one of them was tailor made for you!