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Our Classic Riverboat series features traditional jet boats offered in nineteen to twenty-four feet in length, these solid and stable aluminum boats meet all white water and river challenges. Outlaw is known to build one of the best backcountry heavy duty recreational and commercial boats. With our boats, you can find yourself in remote areas for hunting, fishing, camping, and sightseeing. Many outfitters choose this series to take clients up the backwaters for record-book game and fish. Also, by putting a boat top on these riverboats, you have a perfect opportunity to extend your boating and camping season.


Outlaw’s Sport Jet riverboat series offers lightweight jet boats in sixteen to twenty feet in length, allowing for a phenomenal power to weight ratio. These aluminum boats are excellent for shallow water and are a popular series for all adventure enthusiasts. Our design for this series offers our strongest bottom and sides for an aluminum hull, it also features a shallow degree bottom that will allow you to choose rivers and creeks that many other riverboat models dare not go.


Eagle Performance Boats is the only North American whitewater race boat manufacturer: a company where being the best isn’t everything, it is the only thing. Riverboat technology is a fast paced market and we set the pace. Our race hulls hold the most records and have won 17 out of the last 20 world championship whitewater races, taking place in countries such as New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Our goal is to continually take race hulls to a new performance level and the competition is still trying to keep up with us. We make a 21’ tunnel and a 19’ Step-Tec, both are designed to be the fastest competitive river jet boat hulls in the industry. And ultimately, our continued success in the jet boat industry is a result of our quality hulls built and designed by experienced world jet boat racers and their knowledge of the sport.