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Boat industry legends aren’t made overnight...they are earned through years of experience, successful operation and a talent and a willingness to create original product that stands apart from all the rest. For more than four decades, that’s exactly what Hallett Boats has been doing. Earning it’s reputation by building the finest boats for a discriminating and appreciative clientele. Making a name for itself in the custom boat marketplace that has no equal.

When we decide to add a new boat to our line, we start from scratch, with a blank piece of paper and only a concept in our imagination. Eventually the concept is captured in a scale drawing, still months away from becoming a finished new boat.

The manual labor phase begins when the initial wooden jig to form the skeleton of the plug is slowly assembled by hand. Every step must be measured precisely. A deviation of a fraction of an inch can be disastrous when your goal is perfection. Once the basic hull shape has been formed, it’s skinned with a layer of half-inch marine plywood. Then the same arduous procedure is repeated to create the deck. Finally the hull and deck plugs are ready for contour sanding. Depending on the size and complexity of the styling, hundreds of man-hours are needed to sculpture the plug into flawless form.

When the plugs are complete, a separate mold of each must be made. To accomplish that, the plugs are covered, layer by layer, with fiberglass mat and cloth and soaked with resin. Once cured, the molds are reinforced with a steel framework and separated from the plugs. If the process has gone according to plan, the molds will now be ready with only a minimum of detail work to begin pulling production hulls and decks.

For the birth of a new Hallett, the entire procedure may take up to a year or more. But the wait is well worth it as evidenced by our many industry awards from Powerboat and Hot Boat Magazines for outstanding new models.

Hallett Boats has a rich and full tradition. We’ve won our share of races and set numerous records in the process. We are acknowledged industry innovators; stringent believers in meticulous standards of quality and workmanship; and unwavering advocates of cutting edge performance and technology. When we say, “live the legend,” we mean it