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Ruban Bleu
7 Rue Marius Berliet
Vigneux de Bretagne
France, 44 360
Phone: 33 (0)2 40 48 74 33
Fax: 33 (0)2 40 47 34 42
Email: Contact

Created in 1992, Ruban bleu is the european leader in electric boat construction in the river domain. Located in Nantes, the manufacturer sells in a step of sustainable development, a complete range of reliable, successfull, designed and silent electric boats (1200 boats worldwide).

Ruban Bleu differs by its dynamism and innovation capacity, and participates in several studies groups on renewable energies.

Ruban Bleu proposes a complete and diversified range from 4 to 25 passengers for some years; it develops also a range of passenger transport electric boats.

- The electric boats Ruban Bleu are:
- Non-polluting, silent, environmently friendly
- Handy, easy to use and maintain
- Stable, reliable and sure
- Accessible to all (without licence for pleasure boats).
- Useful on all the waterways (rivers, canals, ponds, marshes,…)
- Reduced operational and maintenance costs