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Haines Marine Industries Pty, Ltd
P.O. Box 820
Mt Ommaney
Australia, 4074
Phone: ( 61 7) 3271 4400
Fax: ( 61 7) 3271 4054
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Since starting out in the marine industry in the 1959, The Haines family of Brisbane have taken ‘messing about with boats' to a whole new echelon – creating an enviable empire over more 50 years, is showing no signs of slowing down. Fortuitously for the company, recreational vessel ownership in Australia has risen dramatically with boating in all it's guises being an ever popular pastime in Australia and New Zealand. As such The Haines Group are in the prime position to survive a tough economic market and continue to support customers both old and new. In the past decade alone, the marine industry magnate has undertaken a growth strategy, invested heavily in research and design, bought rival companies, launched new models each year and became the exclusive distributor of Suzuki outboards across Australia and New Zealand.

The Haines Group includes Signature, Seafarer, and Waker Bay boats They are a distributer of Suzuki Marine Outboards in Australia. 

The Haines Group has gone from backyard business to marine giant through strategic product development and procurement, and in doing so have positioned themselves as one of Australia's largest marine businesses, with a boat for every body and every budget.