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Vikal International
5 Rivers Street
Bibra Lake
Western Australia
Australia, 6163
Phone: 61 8 9434 2480
Fax: 61 8 9418 6499
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Vikal International are specialist tender manufacturers based in Perth, Western Australia and use world’s best practice in composite construction. Drawing on skills developed since 1976 in the building of highly specialized power boats and motor yachts. Vikal provide discerning boat owners with the finest super yachts and mega yacht tenders.


Super yachts and Mega yachts are examples of the world’s best uncompromising excellence. Stylistic and superbly appointed interiors, captivating exteriors and magnificence throughout, mega yachts are the supreme fusion of form and function and represent the pinnacle of refined opulence. Their tenders, and Vikal's, are not normal boats but an appropriate reflection of the mother-ship.


Vikal tenders provide the ultimate accompaniment to prestige mega yachts. Tenders are built to world class specifications and CE certification, designed to appeal, fit the designated spaces, perform to rigid specifications and to meet the needs of the discerning buyer. Sumptuous leather upholstery, bow opening doors and fully enclosed air-conditioned interiors are just a few options. The goal is to create tenders that reflect the individual and precise requirements of the client.