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Back in the early seventies we began manufacturing fiberglass boats, In those days tri-hull designs were popular, even then people noticed our innovative hulls, able to move much faster and smoother using less horse power. High performance and safety was our goal.
Over the next thirty three years of boat manufacturing and research we reached a very high level of quality and performance being recognized as a builder of high performance family runabouts. After many successful years of manufacturing Euroline Boats, we have reaquired our original company, Sierra in 2000 and now introduce our most exciting line of boats to date.
Sierra is a culmination of all our years of experience and expertise in boat manufacturing. We believe our Sierra Boats will out-perform any family style runabout made today, this includes the so called "high performace" models. We invite any to challenge our claim by driving or riding in a Sierra for themselves.

All Sierra Boats carry a full Lifetime Structural Warranty and 5 year component warranty. In conclusion, we build Sierra with only the finest material available offering you a boat that you'll be proud to own for many years to come.