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Manitou Boats
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USA, 48917
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Manitou Pontoon Boats is an industry leader in the manufacture of leisure, luxury and performance pontoon boats.  Our persistent emphasis on excellence has made our name synonymous with quality, service, performance, and design.  As you will see, Manitou has something to offer every budget, lifestyle and desire on the water.  Choose between our leisure pontoon boats that allow you to design floor plans that best suit you and your family, to our luxury pontoon boats that offer amenities that virtually eliminate the need to return to land.  Our performance pontoon boats with V-Toon® Technology have redefined what a pontoon boat is capable of in terms of speed, acceleration and handling.  As you peruse our website, feel free to contact us and we'll happily assist you in any way we can.  After all, we got here by listening to you.