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Ray Electric Outboards, Inc.
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Let us introduce you to a most enjoyable and different kind of boating - "Maximum performance Electric Boating". With the speed and range of these boats, the possibilities are endless. Imagine where the sunrise and sunset takes you. With seven models available, our easy to handle and operate vessels give you the ability to experience the difference.


Ray's Electric Boats are non-polluting, no fuel - just plug it in and go. A full recharge requires overnight and costs $1.50 to $3.00. All are easy to operate, easy enough for anyone in the family to handle, even the grandchildren. Take some time for yourself, your family & friends and enjoy a relaxing cruise. Our vessels can be used for: Pleasure, Fishing, Exploring, Cruising and Rental.


The speed and range will surprise and delight you. Top speeds over 7 MPH and cruise speed of over 6 MPH for 11 to 12 hours permit reaching the next marina, recharging overnight and thus cruising indefinitely. You cruise at the same speed as sailboats chugging along on their auxiliaries. Sailors welcome you because they know you wont hit them with a large wake. You have time to smell the lilies, photograph at will, listen to the view and arrive relaxed at days end.


You may find your E-Boat so easy to get in and go you may not want it on a lift, even for salt water - just tilt up the motor and let your bottom paint take care of the hull. Easily take a relaxing ride anytime.