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Griffin Leisure Boats
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Canada, K1V 6R5
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Mr. W.S. Griffin (Bill) of Griffin Leisure Boats, has been manufacturing and designing boats and other personal craft for over 40 years.  Bill is considered a design authority in the boating industry and has acted in various capacities around the world with different boat manufacturing and sales operations.


For the last 15 years, Bill has been in manufacturing and electric boat design.  Griffin Leisure Boats is one of three North American designer and manufacturer of electric boats.


Many lakes in the United States and Canada have already prohibited gasoline powered boats for environmental safety reasons.   Coupled with this, in an effort to increase safety on lakes, an increasing number of jurisdictions are limiting speed allowed for motorized boats.  It is a North American trend to require the use of safer, reduced-speed, noise-free, pollution-free boats.  This trend, which is on the rise, has already created an enormous market and business opportunity.