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Riku - Kuffer Frantisek
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Boats base in K MAX group is made by a unique laminated hull with almost flat shape of the bottom and side projecting skids. This base shape of watercraft bottom guaranties maximum transversal and longitudinal stability. Side projecting skids give catamaran undertone to the watercraft. This element ensures outstanding driving qualities of the boat. When driving the catamaran bottom shape ensures minimum contact surface, minimum water resistance and thus a maximum smooth, economical and fast sailing.


The RIB boat is big, robust, strong and mainly safety boat also in storms and big waves. The RIB siting on the water as nailed also in blast wind. Basis of the boat is made by universal, massive, laminate hull with a sharp and tall fore for the smallest resistance in carrying of water surface.


The WOR fishing boat is a special boat intended for sport fishing, and also for rescue purposes. At its construction the main emphasis was placed on an extreme stability, safety, and a large free space on the watercraft. Requirements for the watercraft construction have been reviewed also by LM Waller - an expert in extreme catfish catching, and an official tester of Sanger company for catfish program.


The watercraft is mainly intended for recreational use and sport fishing. When designing the watercraft attention has been paid in particular to its safety, stability and its spaciousness - offering most possibilities for the solution to watercraft equipment variability. The watercraft load-carrying capacity is intended for 500 kg - i.e. 4 persons + equipment and load.


Inflatable boats are assigned mainly for sport fishing, but they can be used also recreational. Thanks to quality material boats are abrasion-resistant and they are not damaged by often use. So you have high security by recreational use and you do not have to often buy cheap boats so you can save some money.