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Wing Inflatables
PO Box 279, 1220 5th Street
USA, 95518
Phone: (707) 826-2887
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All domestically manufactured products are designed and produced in our Northern California facility. Here, Wing Inflatables specializes in thermo-welding high-strength, long-lasting polyurethane coated fabrics in an array of designs and applications. All processes are performed directly under the watchful eye of Bill Wing and our veteran team of experts. To be sure, Wing-Made Products are Berry Amendment Compliant, and ‘Buy America Act’ compliant, not only providing U.S. jobs but maintaining and enhancing U.S. manufacturing expertise and capability here on our shores.

Take a close look and LEARN MORE. If you don’t see exactly what you need, call us. We’ll make it for you. Then put some air in your Wing and work it hard. You’ll come away from the experience like us, true believers. And when you find yourself in polite company or impolite, if someone asks, “So what do you do?" your answer can be a simple one. "I run a Wing.”