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UFO Boats
366 avenue Joseph Lambot
France, 83089
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At UFO, people who are passionate about the sea, beautiful lines and who have a particular idea of pleasure, design the boats they have always dreamed of.


Far from being flashy or ostentatious, UFO designs its products with love, passion and kindness. Each curve, each piece of equipment and every detail is minutely adjusted to create an exceptional boat.


The UFO hulls slide through the waves, allowing the motors to use their full potential. Our boats sail fast and have a long endurance, offering their passengers an exhilarating experience in total safety.


The design and equipment of each UFO boat is entirely orientated towards the user's desires. The refined shapes of our boats disguise the advanced technology, the state of the art of shipbuilding and creature comforts worthy of a super yacht, so that your sea voyages are unforgettable. Our customers appreciate our constant drive for perfection, our love of good workmanship and the care that we put into the construction of their boats. Because to climb aboard a UFO boat is to have a different vision of the sea and sailing.