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Madera Ribs
Vlaardingweg 87
Netherlands, 3044 CJ
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The Madera Ribs boats are the strongest Ribs available on the world market. We are only specialised in larger Ribs which need an special way of construction to maintain their strength. An Madera Rib is not an stretched smaller RIB and is build in an whole different and much stronger way as convential Ribs. The Madera Rib has an very strong and laminated in underdeck structure reinforced with kevlar which makes the hull one solid part which is virtually indestructible.

Our company is an ambitious and fast growing team in the RIB market. Using the best materials, a cost-saving product-management system and working with a specialized and experienced staff we are able to keep costs to a minimum while still ensuring that our products meet with the very highest quality standards set by the 'Big Names' in the world market.

We are specialized in designing and building large ribs from 8 meters to 21 meters. These boats are intended for professional use, such as fast transport, military, coast guard, Search and Rescue, Fire and Police departments but we also make commercial RIBS for sea-safaris and leisure.