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Torqeedo GmbH
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Germany, 82319
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Established in February 2005, Torqeedo specializes in the development and commercialization of top-class electric boat drives. All motors are developed and manufactured to meet highest standards in terms of quality, precision and  high performance. While product management and marketing take an international approach, development and production are located in Germany.

The company has its headquarters in Starnberg, on Lake Starnberg. As is the case with many European waterways, the use of combustion engines on the lake is restricted for nature preservation purposes. As a rule, anyone wishing to travel on the lake using an engine has to use electric motors.

This was also what triggered the establishment of Torqeedo: the range of electric boat motors currently available does not reflect the state-of-the-art by far: nor does it exhaust the opportunities presented by electric drives.

Torqeedo has the ambition to keep offering the most innovative, and the most powerful electric drives on the market. By exhausting the entire potential in electric drives with regard to power and comfort, it is Torqeedo’s objective to further distribute nature-protecting electric drives, and to offer drive solutions which are just as attractive from an economic as from an ecological point of view.