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Beneteau Yachts
ZI des Mares, BP 66
St. Hilaire De Riez
France, 85270
Phone: (0)2 51 60 50 00
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BENETEAU pledges itself to the relationship it has with each and every customer. All our energy goes into carrying out our brand commitments, mobilizing all the necessary skills in order to provide long-term assistance to those who sail our yachts.
It is our job to provide new yachting solutions, we must never lose sight of the need for innovation to serve quality. It is therefore important that the professionalism of our dealers should be beyond reproach.

The BENETEAU adventure began more than a century ago on the quays of Croix-de-Vie in Vende.

For 120 years, the core of the Boatyard's profession has been innovation and a passion for yachting. From the first sardine boat to the latest Monte Carlo, from the shipbuilding tradition to more advanced technologies, our expertise has grown. However, it is still the pioneering spirit of Benjamin Beneteau that is the driving force behind our 2,500 co-workers.

Today, more than 36 000 BENETEAU power boats have sailed the seas of the globe. Steering them, their keen and demanding owners, with whom we share the same values of performance, modernity, safety and respect.