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Technology is the soul of a product, of a company, of a project. Technological innovation makes us look ahead, creates competition with competitors, makes us run further.

Sessa Marine knows it and, in its constant endeavour to merge technology and beauty, does not forget that innovation creates art, that technologies enrich the lines, that precision leads to success.  This is why Sessa Marine research, development, training for employees and creative intuition follow a single goal: sustain what has always been at the basis of the company's success.


We are convinced that it is a determining element to define the "way to live your boat", Sessa Marine has always dedicated great attention to design, a distinctive sign of each product and means of a precise philosophy.  Such as care to details, formal straightness and cleanliness of the sketch, together with the value of the materials, have all become distinctive codes for Sessa Marine, parts of an identity card which consistently, for years, certifies quality boats as symbol of the made in Italy.