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We at Bill's Engineering are all about getting you to places others can't and the lightweight 7hp Subaru-Robin powered Stump-Jumper will do just that.

The Stump-Jumper with the Subaru-Robin EX21 7hp OHC engine weighs in at just 63lbs, that and nearly 10% less than our closest competitor but lightweight doesn't mean light duty! Stump-Jumper frames are built with tubular construction and fully jig welded to exacting standards. Stump-Jumper also features our proprietary E-Z setup direct drive coupler, our direct drive coupler eliminates power robbing U-joints. This means that the propshaft and prop see almost virtually all the power the engine makes. Speaking of power, the Stump-Jumper with the 7hp Subaru-Robin EX21 is the most powerful engine available for a long tail outboard motor in its class. The lightweight and powerful Subaru-Robin EX21 features overhead cam design, pent roof combustion chamber, and other technologies that improve power and reliability while reducing weight. The EX21's overhead cam design features 33% fewer moving valvetrain parts and an optimized capacity muffler that translates into a two decibel noise reduction advantage over its competitors. We've tested the EX21 in the most demanding conditions and it's proven itself to be reliable and the best engine choice for our Stump-Jumper.