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Pleasurecraft Engine Group
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South Carolina
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Pleasurecraft Marine Engines (PCM) is a division of Pleasurecraft Engine Group, the leading manufacturer of gasoline inboards in the world. For over 30 years, PCM has built inboard engines for the water sports application while sister company Crusader concentrates on power for motorcruiser and sportfishing yachts. Together, we share a synergy and the focus of companies that do one thing and do it well: we specialize in building gasoline inboard engines only. The result is the most premium inboard propulsion packages in the business, with more exclusive features and benefits than any other inboard engines on the market.


PCM's history is one of constant innovation and the list of design firsts is long.  From the original pyramidal exhaust manifold to the watersports-specific Power Plus transmissions to the first computerized engine management system to the exclusive, patented Fuel Control Cell and now to the advanced Catanium Clean Emission System, PCM continues to engineer marked improvements to the inboard engine design. The benefits are improved performance, lasting durability, unprecedented reliability, clean emissions and always the latest in inboard engines technology.


Our mission is to create the most pleasurable boating experience by providing the world's best propulsion package, ensuring customer satisfaction and continued loyalty. We believe well-trained dealers are essential to achieving our goals, and to that end, PCM's dealer training programs are state-of-the-art. PCM has cultivated the strongest network of factory-trained and fully equipped dealers in the world. True to our mission, PCM consistently ranks highest in customer satisfaction and loyalty.