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FNM Marine
Nucleo Industriale - Valle di Vitalba
Italy, 85020
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CMD Costruzioni Motori is a dynamic, goal-oriented engineering enterprise, which offers a complete range of engineering services providing global support to the marine transportation industry in the design, prototyping and development of advanced marine diesel engines: the FNM marine diesel engines. CMD Costruzioni Motori is an internationally-recognized leader in the design and development of marine diesel engines, and a major supplier of advanced engineering products and services to many marine companies throughout the world. We also developed the first Turbo Diesel in Europe (FNM) back in the day.


As far as the whole production process of the FNM marine diesel engines is concerned, CMD Costruzioni Motori has extensive in-house design and machining capability, utilizing CAD/CAM and CNC equipment to produce complex components such as manifolds, bell housings, and other custom parts. This equipment provides FNM customers with high quality components where tight tolerances are critical to performance and product longevity. Company production lines are organized so as to provide maximum flexibility to cater to special customer needs. The company has well-established planning, control and inventory programs to support that flexibility. All production activity takes place within a well-structured quality program. CMD works very closely with its suppliers to assure the quality of the components they provide. Technical personnel carefully monitor the quality of the products as they progress through the plant. Every engine is fully tested in the CMD test facility before shipment - no exceptions


CMD Costruzioni Motori sells its FNM marine diesel engines through a worldwide network of Distributors. The Company also sells directly to its major boat builder customers.