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Our specialty, twin sheet thermoforming, fuses decks and hulls to form one robust piece. This technique results in extremely durable boats that last for years and years. Throughout its history, Pelican has developed exclusive materials such as RAM-XTM, Poly-XRTM and XcelCoreTM that have become the benchmarks of quality in the industry for their impact resistance, their ability to regain their initial shapes after violent impact and their UV-protected exterior finish.

2003 saw Pelican extend its expertise in durable and affordable products to kids' snow sleds and utility sleds. Kiddie pools and sandboxes soon followed.

Today, we offer nearly a hundred boats - kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and fishing boats - as well as an array of winter toys, kiddie pools and sandboxes.

Since our products are designed to help people get the most from the outdoors, we are good stewards of the environment. We recycle 99.5% of the excess material in our manufacturing process to make new products, and specially designed ducts redirect the heated air from our molding ovens to heat the production facility in winter.

Our products have changed over the years, but one thing remains constant - our commitment to innovation. Our continuous efforts in research and development and our investments in the latest technology allow us to bring quality products within the reach of all sports enthusiasts.