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Welcome to the world of canoeing! It’s a fascinated world which provides a wide range for recreational paddlers, high-performance competitors, individualists or families. Our range of canoes is one of the most versatile in the world. With over 60 different crafts and 20 different paddles, we have always the right boat and equipment for everyone.

We have our roots in the competition sport. No wonder, founder of the enterprise, Klaus Lettmann, was white water racing champion of the world. And his son and successor, Jochen Lettmann, is repeated canoe slalom champion of Germany and got the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Today, we are really engaged in this field, as our products show: The K1 “Vegas”, the boat of world champion Lutz Liwowski and the “Fighter”, a polo boat in which the 1. Meidericher KC won the German championship. We develop in team work for the top sport. Together with sportsmen, engineers and manufacturers of material, we always search better products for canoeing.