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Peruse any paddling enthusiast magazine or blog these days, and the topic of conversation will undoubtedly include some mention or protracted discussion about the outstanding performance of Bell Canoes. We don't pay for that kind of publicity. That comes from our loyal customers and paddling aficionados who have experienced the quality and performance of a Bell Canoe first hand.

The combination of resilient materials, hydro-dynamically balanced hulls and the incredibly unique differential rocker design make Bell Canoes forgiving, efficient and easy to maneuver in just about any type of water. More important, Bell canoes are never intimidating. That's why they appeal to a wide swath of the paddling public.

Soloists, pros, weekend splashers, rodeo junkies, and family campers all find their own reasons to love Bell Canoes, and we're sure you'll find reasons of your own to procure a Bell Canoe. Or two, or three. See you on the water.