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ClearWater Design
1959 County Road 15, R.R. #2
Canada, K0K 2T0
Phone: (613) 471-1005
Fax: (613) 471-1553
Toll Free: (8000 344-5224
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Clearwater Design has been producing quality rotational molded canoes and kayaks since 1995. Starting with one canoe, we have developed a full line of recreational and touring models. We strive to improve our designs, quality and selection while providing durable, affordable boats that will accommodate every level of paddler from beginner to expert.
Our factory is located in Picton, Ontario. We have built a great team. Our technicians take pride in their work, ensuring that each canoe or kayak is produced to the highest standards. All of our designs are produced using linear polyethylene through an efficient, and environmentally-friendly process called rotational molding. Computer controlled cycles ensure consistent hull formation.