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Mission Kayaks
16-20 Sutton Place, PO Box 5270
Palmerston North
New Zealand, 4441
Phone: 64 6 356 7411
Fax: 64 6 358 9881
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At Mission we care about creating the best for our customers: the safest and best experience on the water, the best range of boats and accessories that suit the purpose they’re used for.

We’re committed to keep making our boats better: continually evolving the design and its detailing, exploring ways to make exploring water better, safer, more fun.

We are a friendly, diverse and spread out community of paddlers: serious, exploring, risk taking, fun loving people, who love being out on the water.

We pay careful attention to detail and everything is carefully and thoughtfully crafted. From the length of a paddle to the curve on a kayak, each detail is thought through in order to see how it can best support the paddler and keep him or her safe.

We’re doing our bit for the environment: we take dirty old by-product of petrol and we turn it into a thing that lasts a lifetime.