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Ocean Kayak
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At Ocean Kayak, we didn't invent the original sit-on-top kayak. We just perfected it. Innovation has been our mission since we launched our first sit-on-top in 1971.

Ocean Kayaks are rotationally molded. We pour the finest linear, medium-density polyethylene powder into the kayak mold. That mold goes into a LARGE oven and rotationally spins around until the powder has melted and formed into the kayak. The kayak is then cooled and removed from the mold… very hot and somewhat malleable. It is allowed to cool for a few minutes and then we outfit the boat to perfection. We strive to find a balance of a light weight yet durable kayak.

Appearance counts, too. Our mold-in graphics are baked right into the boat. This prevents graphic peeling and keeps the boat looking great years after purchase. Our materials have ultra-violet inhibitors blended in. This helps prevent the plastic from breaking down in the sun. However, plastic does break down when exposed to the sun over long periods of time. We recommend storing your Ocean Kayak under a tarp or in a covered storage area. This will keep the color from fading and the plastic from breaking down in the sun.

All of our kayaks are quality inspected. We have several inspection processes to help ensure we are building quality boats. In addition, we dunk test every boat in a water tank. This allows our inspectors to see if there is any chance of severe leakage. Finally, at times we have randomly pulled product from our warehouse and re-inspected the kayaks making sure that what we are sending to our dealers and consumers is a premium product.