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Warranty Headquarters
16443 N. 91st St. C103
USA, 85260
Toll Free: (866) 439-2221
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Warranty Headquarters was founded by a group of service-oriented people with experience in both the vehicle maintenance field and ecommerce.

Our company was created to provide affordable extended warranties so that vehicle owners never have to receive the bad news of an unexpected and costly out-of-warranty repair bill.

With auto repair costs going higher every day and family budgets being stretched further and further, the last thing any family needs is a $3000 auto repair bill, and no way to know if tomorrow will bring another surprise.

Another driving force behind our company is that we respect our customer's privacy. Not only do we have a strict privacy policy, but unlike most other warranty providers, Warranty Headquarters does not ask for personal information before providing you with a quote. As a result, you receive no unwanted emails or calls just because you wanted to shop for a warranty.

Combine high quality, superior auto coverage, excellent service, low price and a respect for our customers, and you have Warranty Headquarters