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Gekko's copyrighted hull design has a deep forward keel effortlessly cutts the water. The split radius pressure relief flutes channel more water under the boat for quick starts, unparalleled tracking and virtually eliminating chine spray.  You want a personal best? It's waiting for you behind a Gekko.  Gekko delivers.

Using the latest aerospace architecture, Gekko's come to life with near perfect symmetry, unmatched style and perfect performance.  As a result, Gekkos fit together with precision.  Further, using best-available materials and workmanship processes culminate in a superior, competitive product.   If you're motivated by what's happening with automotive styling and finish then Gekko is for you. Gekkos stand out in a crowd and you will too.

Gekko's designs are among the most innovative today.  So they're copyright protected.   Delivering superior performance via extraordinary, applied science, Gekkos are unique.  Gekko is not about generic products but proprietary thinking that yields maximum results.

Gekko doesn't compromise, even in the places that you don't see.  The best materials are selected and even when a lesser grade item might do, we don't.  The proof is in the field.  Gekko has a nice track record of  durability with some of the highest resale values.  Our commitment to doing it right is in keeping with our Zero Sacrifice philosophy.