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Regal Marine Industries, Inc.
2300 Jetport Drive
USA, 32809
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The soul of a company can't be found on a sign on the front door or embedded in a tagline. It's found in the eyes of its people. Since its inception in 1969, Regal has remained family owned and operated by the Kuck family. Over its decorated history, Regal has developed an infectious culture that thrives on teamwork and a firm belief in a common cause to build the world's best boats. This kind of determination cannot be overstated. Our need to contribute something of such great magnitude is paramount. We are dedicated to making boat owners around the world not just reach their destination, but be a part of an exceptionally better experience. Where other companies may put their faith in technology and systems, Regal places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of those committed to your satisfaction—people whose zest for their profession is surpassed only by their passion for our owners.

Our success begins and ends with a family — ours and yours.