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Fountain Powerboats, Inc.
1653 Whichards Beach Road
North Carolina
USA, 27889
Phone: (252) 975-2000
Toll Free: (800) 438-2055
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Fountain Powerboats began in what was once a tobacco field in the North Carolina backwater region. Today, our 66-acre site includes a 250,000 square foot facility under roof and a modern marina. Our premier boat manufacturing facility is located near the coast for a good reason: North Carolina's sounds, rivers and the Atlantic Ocean provide the perfect arena for us to test each and every boat we design and manufacture.

Ironically, many boat manufacturers are completely landlocked and use test tanks. However, a Fountain powerboat never meets a test tank. Instead, each boat becomes well-acquainted with the Pamlico River. Every boat built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is thoroughly water-tested in "actual-use" conditions prior to delivery.

Our coastal location guarantees ultimate quality because we have all the components for the ideal research and development laboratory. R&D is a critical process at Fountain, and our engineers and test drivers are on the water 365 days a year. Many boat builders rely solely on computers to test new designs, but Fountain engineers know that computers cannot always accurately reconstruct the unpredictable movement of water and waves. The best boats are born only by combining a computer's intuition with hard core reality. The results are clear: superior technology which gives you the fastest, smoothest, safest, and best handling boats that money can buy.