Day Sailers: Small sailboats used for local sailing and sailing training.  Day sailers normally have a single mast and are monohull design although they can be catamaran or trimaran hulled.

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Functional Description:

A day sailer is a small sailboat for pleasure sailing as well as racing.  The day sailer is usually has a single mast and sail and is often used for sailing training.  The day sailer referred to here is not to be confused with the “Day Sailer” classification of sailboats designed by George O’Day.  This classification of a day sailer simply means it is a small sailboat without any accommodations, galley or head.

English Terminology: day sailer, day sailers, sailboat, sailboats, sail boat, sail boats, dinghy, sails, sailing, mast, masts, mainsail jib sail, sport racing, hull, keel, rudder

French Terminology: sailer jour, voiliers jour, voilier, voiliers, bateau à voile, bateaux à voile, dériveur, voile, voile, mât, le foc mâts, grand-voile, les courses de sport, de la coque, quille, safran

German Terminology: Day Sailer, Daysailer, Segelboot, Segelboote, Segelboot, Segelboote, Jollen, Segel, Segeln, Mast, Masten, Segel Fock-, Sport-Racing, Rumpf, Kiel, Ruder

Spanish Terminology: sailer día, veleros día, velero, veleros, barcos de vela, barcos de vela, vela ligera, vela, vela, mástil, una vela de foque mástiles, vela, carreras de deporte, casco, quilla, timón