Aluminum: Canoes manufactured from aluminium (aluminum) are lighter than fibreglass which can allow better performance.

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Functional Description:

Aluminium (aluminum) is 50% lighter than fibreglass which can allow better performance.  Aluminium (aluminum) canoes typically require less maintenance than fibreglass canoes.  Aluminium (aluminum) canoes can be beached on rocky shores without chipping or cracking.

There are two different grades of aluminium (aluminum) that can be used in the construction of a canoe - 5086/5083 and 5052.  The 5086/5083 grade of aluminium (aluminum) is a harder and more corrosion resistant.  The 5052 grade of aluminium (aluminum) is able to "stretch" more, enabling it to have more "give" in a situation than the 5086/5083 grade.  The 5052 grade may be a better aluminium (aluminum) alloy for beaching on rocky shores.

English Terminology: aluminium, aluminum, hull, deck, welded, weld, alloy, grade

French Terminology: l'aluminium, l'aluminum, coque, le pont, soudé, soudure, alliage, grade

German Terminology: Aluminium, Aluminum-, Rumpf, Deck, geschweißt, schweißen, Legierung, Grad

Spanish Terminology: de aluminio, aluminio, casco, la cubierta, soldados, soldadura, aleaciones, grado