Outboard Motors: A propulsion system for boats, consisting of an outboard motor mounted externally on the transom with a leg that includes the gearbox and propeller or jet pump.

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Functional Description:

There are several types of engines available for marine use.  These can be inboard engines or outboard motors.  They can be electric motors or internal combustion engines.  Internal combustion engines are either gasoline (petrol) or diesel powered.  Gasoline engines can be either carbureted or fuel injected.

An outboard motor consists of a self-contained unit that includes engine, gearbox and propeller or jet drive, that is fastened to the outside of the transom.  As well as providing power, outboard motors provide steering control, as they pivot on their mountings and control the direction of thrust.  The skeg at the bottom end of the leg also acts as a rudder when the engine is not running.  Outboard motors can be easily removed for storage or repairs.

English Terminology: outboard marine engines, engine, motors, motor, leg, skeg, rudder, gear box, propeller, jet pump, jet drive, electric, stern drive, gasoline, petrol, diesel, carbureted, fuel injection, internal combustion

French Terminology: moteurs hors-bord, moteur, moteurs, moteur, de la jambe, dérive, le gouvernail, la boîte de vitesses, de l'hélice, la pompe à jet, de jet, électriques, d'un moteur mixte, l'essence, essence, diesel, carburateur, injection de carburant, à combustion interne

German Terminology: Außenbordmotoren, Motor, Motoren, Motor-, Bein-, Skeg, Seitenruder, Getriebe, Propeller, Strahlpumpe, Jet-Antrieb, Elektro-, Z-Antrieb, Benzin, Benzin, Diesel, Vergaser, Einspritzung, Verbrennungsmotor

Spanish Terminology: motores marinos fuera de borda, motores, los motores, el motor, la pierna, talón, timón, caja de cambios, la hélice, la bomba de inyección, la propulsión a chorro, de accionamiento eléctrico, popa, gasolina, diesel, gasolina, carburador, inyección de combustible, de combustión interna