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Midnight Express Power Boats
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USA, 33312
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At Midnight Express we strive to achieve high quality, stylish performance boats that revolutionize the marine industry. With the introduction of the 39 in 1999 we believe we did just that. Now with the new 37 we have brought new technology into the mix to bring our quality, style, and performance to a new level of excellence. These attributes are only a stepping stone for the next boats we will be designing in the near future.

Craftsmanship is a crucial component of Midnight Express. We produce boats that are built as works of art and are strong enough to stay that way for many years to come. Midnight Express boats are designed to serve the demanding needs of our civilian customers who want to fish and travel aggressively without concern for durability. In addition, Midnight Express boats also have to stand up to the continued and extreme use doled out by police and military applications. Midnight Express is a family owned boat company that is committed to excellence and a passion for boating. The construction of each and every boat is overseen by our family and must meet our standards before it can be delivered.

On top of all of this, we know that everyone has different needs and boating styles, therefore Midnight Express boats have many options that allow you to customize your boat to fit your needs and individual style. At Midnight Express we have a team of craftspeople from laminators to riggers to cabinet makers who combine old-world attention to detail with the latest technologies to bring you quality and style.