Racing & Performance Boats: High speed power boats and sailboats designed primarily for boat racing. Sleek designs equipped with high horsepower inboard motors or racing sails.

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Functional Description:

There are many types of racing power boats and sailboats.  Some of these are hydroplane racing boats, match race boats, offshore racing powerboat, poker run cigarette boats, racing sailboats and racing yachts.

A hydroplane race boat, or a hydro racing boat, is a fast racing boat where the hull shape requires speed and planing forces to lift the hull out of the water rather than buoyancy.  Hydroplane boats race on lakes and rivers.

Jetsprint racing boats, or sprint racing boats, are jet propulsion boats with a crew of two that race individually against the clock through a series of channels in less than a metre of water.

Offshore racing powerboat are large, specially designed powerboats for point-to-point ocean racing.

A poker run boat, sometimes called cigarette boat, is used for poker run races.  In a poker run race the participants visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each one. The boat collecting the best poker hand at the end of the run is the winner of the race.

Smaller racing sailboats are used for match racing.  A sailboat match race is a race between two sailboats.  Match races are also referred to as a regatta with two sailboats racing on a defined course.

Racing yachts are large sailing yachts designed for competitive racing on a set course.  The most famous yacht race of these races is the America’s Cup.

English Terminology: racing power boats, race boat, sailboat, yacht, hydroplane boats, jetsprint, sprint boat, jet propulsion, offshore powerboat, poker run, match race

French Terminology: courses de bateaux à moteur, bateau de course, voilier, yacht, bateaux hydroglisseur, Jetsprint, bateau sprint, la propulsion par réaction, bateau à moteur offshore, poker run, match race

German Terminology: Renn-Rennboote, Rennboot, Segelboot, Yacht, Boote Wasserflugzeug, jetsprint, Sprint Boot, Jet Propulsion, Offshore Motorboot, Poker laufen, Match Race

Spanish Terminology: carreras de barcos a motor, barco de regatas, veleros, yates, barcos de hidroavión, jetsprint, barco de sprint, propulsión a chorro, vedette de alta mar, ejecute el póquer, match race