Sailing Racing Boats: High speed sailboats and yachts designed primarily for boat racing. Sleek designs equipped with high horsepower inboard motors or racing sails.

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Sailing Racing Boats Sub Categories:


Functional Description:

There are several types of racing sailboats.  These are classed as smaller sailboats for match racing and racing yachts.

Smaller racing sailboats are used for match racing.  A sailboat match race is a race between two sailboats.  Match races are also referred to as a regatta with two sailboats racing on a defined course.

Racing yachts are large sailing yachts designed for competitive racing on a set course.  The most famous yacht race of these races is the America’s Cup.

English Terminology: racing sail boats, race sailing boat, sailboat, sails, yacht, match race America’s Cup

French Terminology: voiliers de course, bateau à voile de course, voilier, voiles, bateau, match race America's Cup

German Terminology: Renn-Segelyachten, Rasse Segelboot, Segelboot, Segeln, Yacht, Match Race America's Cup
Spanish Terminology: carreras de barcos de vela, barco de vela raza, vela, velas de barco, Match Race de la Copa América