River Boats: Boats designed primarily for river navigation. River boats are utilized for fishing, hunting and cargo transport on rivers. The most common drive for river boats is the jet propulsion drive which is less susceptible to damage from rocks in shallow water.

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Functional Description:

A river boat is a boat designed primarily for boating on rivers.  Typical applications for river boats are for fishing and hunting as well as hauling cargo to remote areas.  A river boat can also be used for white water “rafting”.

River boats can have inboard engines or outboard motors with propeller or jet propulsion drives.  Jet propulsion drives are very common on river boats due to shallow waters and rocky river bottoms that can cause damage to propellers.

English Terminology: river boat, riverboat, river boats, riverboats, fishing, hunting, cargo, inboard engine, engines, outboard motor, motors, propeller, jet propulsion drive, jetdrive

French Terminology: bateaux de rivière en bateau-mouche, bateau-mouche,, les canoës, pêche, chasse, du fret, moteur in-bord, moteurs, moteur hors-bord, moteurs, hélices, lecteur de propulsion par réaction, jetdrive

German Terminology: Flussboot, Riverboat-, Fluss-Boote, Flussschiffe, Fischen, Jagen, Fracht, Innenbordmotor, Motoren, Außenborder, Motoren, Propeller, Düsenantrieb Laufwerk, JetDrive

Spanish Terminology: barco por el río, barco, barcos de río, barcas, la pesca, la caza, la carga, motor interior, motores, motores fuera de borda, motores, hélices, una unidad de propulsión a chorro, jetdrive