Walkaround (Sedan/Cabin): Outboard and inboard walkaround, or walk around, sport cabin and sedan fishing boats designed and equipped primarily for sport fishing.

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Walkaround (Sedan/Cabin) Sub Categories:
Aluminum | Fibreglass & Composites


Functional Description:

A walkaround fishing boat has a small cabin for berths and a head.  Walkaround fishing boats can be powered by inboard engines or outboard motors.  There is space on either side of the cabin to have access between the stern and the bow.

Walkaround fishing boats are manufactured form various building materials.  Fibreglass with a gel coat finish is the most common.  Other composite building materials for walkaround fishing boats are kevlar, dynel, carbon fiber and epoxy.  Fishing boats are also manufactured from aluminium (aluminum).

English Terminology: walkaround fishing boats, walkaround fishing boat, fish, outboard, inboard, gasoline, petrol, aluminium, aluminum, fibreglass, fiberglass, fibre glass, fiber, gel coat, composite materials, kevlar, dynel, carbon fiber

French Terminology: bateaux de pêche walkaround, bateau de pêche walkaround, le poisson, à l'extérieur, vers l'intérieur, de l'essence, l'essence, l'aluminium, l'aluminium, en fibre de verre, fibre de verre, fibre de verre, fibre, gel coat, les matériaux composites, kevlar, dynel, fibre de carbone

German Terminology: Walkaround Fischerboote, Walkaround Fischerboot, Fisch, Außenborder, Innen-, Benzin, Benzin, Alu, Aluminium, Fiberglas, Fiberglas, Fiberglas-, Faser-, Gel-Mantel, Verbundwerkstoffe, Kevlar, Dynel, Kohlefaser

Spanish Terminology: walkaround barcos pesqueros, barcos de pesca walkaround, pescado, motor fuera de borda, hacia el interior, gasolina, petróleo, aluminio, aluminio, fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio, fibra, gel coat, materiales compuestos, kevlar, dynel, fibra de carbono