Fishing Boats: Bass, open utility, center console, walkaround (sport cabin) fishing boats and sports fishing yachts. Aluminum and composite material fishing boats.

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Functional Description:

There are several types and classes of fishing boats.  The main types are bass boats, open utility fishing boats, center console fishing boats, dual console fishing boats, walkaround fishing boats and sport fishing yachts.

Bass boats are designed and equipped primarily for bass fishing or fishing for other small fish, usually in freshwater such as lakes, rivers and streams. The bass boat has swivel chairs that allow casting to any position around the boat, storage bins for fishing tackle and equipment and a live well with recirculating water where caught fish may be stored and kept alive.  Bass boats usually have two outboard motors.  A larger one for traveling and a small trolling motor for fishing.  Bass boats are constructed of aluminum or composite materials.

Open utility fishing boats are small boats that can have an outboard motor for trolling or be rowed.  These boats can usually be hauled on the top of a car or the back of a pickup truck.

Center console (centre console) fishing boats are a single-decked open hull boat where the steering and control console is in the center of the boat.  Some models have a small cabin with a berth in the bow.  The boat deck surrounds the console so there is access all around the boat from stern.  A dual console boat has a console on the passenger side for storage and typically a full width windshield with a center walkthrough.

A walkaround fishing boat has a small cabin for berths and a head.  Walkaround fishing boats can be powered by inboard engines or outboard motors.  There is space on either side of the cabin to have access between the stern and the bow.

Sports yacht fishing boats are cabin boats for big water fishing, cruising and overnighting. Wide beams provide abundant space for passengers and storage.  Sports yacht fishing boats are large enough to venture into open seas.  Sports fishing yachts can be powered by inboard engines or outboard motors.

Fishing boats are manufactured from various building materials.  Fibreglass with a gel coat finish is the most common.  Other composite building materials for fishing boats are kevlar, dynel, carbon fiber and epoxy.  Fishing boats are also manufactured from aluminium (aluminum).

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German Terminology: Fischerboote, Boot, Angelboote, offene Boote Dienstprogramm, Mittelkonsole Fischerboote, Dual Konsole Fischerboote, Center, Walkaround Fischerboote, Sportfischen Yachten, Innenbordmotoren, Außenbordmotoren, Diesel, Benzin, Benzin, Alu, Aluminium, Fiberglas, Glasfaser, Glasfaser, Faser-, Gel Coat, Verbundwerkstoffe, Kevlar, Dynel, Kohlefaser

Spanish Terminology: barcos de pesca, barcos, lanchas de pesca, botes de servicios públicos, la consola central barcos pesqueros, barcos de pesca de doble consola, centro, walkaround barcos de pesca, yates de pesca deportiva, interior, motor fuera de borda, diesel, gasolina, petróleo, aluminio, aluminio, fibra de vidrio